Introducing The Philly Bully Team

Since November, Philadelphia Bully Crew has been run by Jessica and Marvin. We have a small network of amazing fosters and awesome volunteers.

New York Bully Crew has been a great support system of our cause. They have managed the financial aspect of our donation, and helped us to gain the supporters necessary to make a big impart in helping pitbulls, but, we feel it is best for us to disassociate from them and continue to help the abused and neglected bullies of Philadelphia on our own with a new name and without the guidance of New York Bully Crew.

We hope that you will continue to follow and support ours, as well as New Hork’s efforts, because at the end of the day, we all have the same goal.



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    Michelle Coleman says

    There is a dog named Tyson at Chester County Dog Tails. They say his time is up. Can you please help him.

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    Joanne OGara says

    Hey guys..I’m disabled, worked in rescue 20 yrs and would love to help you with dog transports to vets etc..I can help out with promoting dogs too..I currently am with Trailways to Heaven rescue in Benton PA, I help out Wet Nose rescue,Best Friends in Newburgh, NY..I would love to help..I have app..will fill out and email it to you..thanks

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    deborah robb says

    I am trying to help my neighbor in the Grays Ferry area of South Philadelphia surrender one of her pit bulls. She is an older woman and the dog still thinks it is a puppy and has gotten too exuberant for her to handle. I have heard good things about this organization. Can you help??

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    Melle says

    I found a young pit bull this morning……she seems healthy and playful…but no collar …Can you help her?
    I have a dog and can’t keep her.

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    Karen Israel says

    URGENT. I DESPERATELY NEED YOUR HELP & to receive a call from your organization!!!! I have a beautiful 5 & 1/2 year old female pitt, who I adopted when she was 16 weeks old. I must find a home for her ASAP, because I’m loosing my home, my car, everything I own.?
    My husband had a stroke Jan. 2018 & again in June 2018. He will never work again & is now in a nursing home. I myself am on Social Security Disability at age 56 & food stamps. My Pitt just wants to give everyone kisses. However, she can NOT be fostered or placed in a home with cats. She has lived her entire life with my other male Bull Dog mix (adopted from Abington SPCA at age 6). He was 6 years older then she, until I had to be put him to sleep r/t Cancer on 07/31/18. I need peace of mind that no harm will come to her and that she will not be abused or put to sleep!!! If I owned a car, I would sleep in the car with her. But the car is leased and will be given back. Please call me. My name is Karen. I can be reached at 2672508520 I live in Fort Washington, Pa., the northern suburbs of Philadelphia. Thank you, Karen written Tuesday, 08/28/18 @ 12:35 PM

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    Morgan McLaughlin says

    Hello ! My cousin Lauryn Cooke told me to get in touch with this org. I have a beautiful 5 year old pit. She is great with people and kids however she has leash aggression that has since gotten a little worse and has gone after some ground hogs (unfortunately killing them ) and after that she has sometimes become aggressive towards other pets as well esp when my fiancé is involved or food or when she is tired. I just wanted to know if there was any information you could give me? I looked into training for her but after paying my sons tuition for the year we can’t swing the cost of what it’s gonna be for her. So I also wanted to see if you were taking in any rescues as well. Thank you so much for your time.

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    Kathryn Clough says

    There are over 60 comments on Next Door Neighbor regarding a pit bull that was given to ACCT. Philly Bully Team and your name Jess Graff was mentioned. Is your society able to take the dog before it is euthanized at ACCT? I have multiple cats, and I have never had a dog. Morris Animal Refuge said someone would need to adopt the dog to get it away from ACCT. Morris did not have a space for the dog yesterday, but they may in the future.

    Reading the comment above from Karen Israel, I am thinking there must be a way to help her. Maybe a go fund me account could be established on Facebook. The woman should see an elder law attorney. I used the one in Glenside – Larry Scott Auerbock (not sure of the exact spelling).

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